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The WV Dentists Recovery Network “WVDRN” was created via an emergency rule on July 10th 2014. Evaluation and monitoring services are provided by the WV Pharmacists Recovery Network.

The WV Pharmacists Recovery Network “WVPRN” is a nonprofit created in 2004 that has helped well over 100 Pharmacy Professionals recover from substance abuse and/or psychological impairment. The organization has over a 90% success rate in getting Pharmacists or Pharmacy techs the help they need to achieve a successful recovery and in (most) cases allow them to safely return to practice.

Image by NIDA - The brain's reward circuit


• The early identification of the impaired dental professional.

• Outline facilities for evaluation and referral.

• Persuade the impaired dental professional to enter appropriate treatment.

• Monitor the dental professional’s rehabilitation and reentry into the profession.

• Provide education to the dental professionals of West Virginia, about the disease of chemical dependency.

• Promulgate a structured operating procedure.

• Establish a statewide network to work with WVDRN.

• Establish the criteria for training those involved and oversee it.

• Support the Directors by providing information on resources available for treatment and rehabilitation.

• Monitor the progress of each case through reports from the clients, volunteers, counselors, and drug screening agencies.

• Provide continuing education programs that will address the diseases of chemical dependency on an annual basis.


Our mission is to ensure the public safety from impaired dental practice, we endeavor to identify, intervene upon, advocate for, monitor, and provide support, help, and hope to dentists, dental hygienists, dental students, and dental assistants experiencing addiction or mental health disorders.


“Protecting patients, professionals and
families one day at a time”