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West Virginia Dental Recovery Network | West Virginia Dental Recovery Network


The WV Dentists Recovery Network “WVDRN” was created via an emergency rule on July 10th 2014. Evaluation and monitoring services are provided by the WV Pharmacists Recovery Network.

The purpose of the WVDRN is to:

  • Identify individuals who may be impaired by alcohol, drugs or a psychiatric disorder before patients, Dentists or families are hurt and before the state Board of Dentistry must intervene.
  • Evaluate the individual’s nature and severity of impairment.
  • Provide complete confidentiality while providing a contract, a treatment plan, and a monitoring plan.
  • Provide a support network to allow Dentists or Dental Hygienists to continue their career in dentistry as much as possible.
  • Protect the public, family and friends from potential dangers and the destruction of relationships that may occur when a dentist or dental hygienist is chemically or psychiatrically impaired.
  • Provide hope and assistance to any dental personnel in achieving a productive and successful recovery.
  • Educate dental professionals in the area of substance abuse and addiction, including recognizing possible signs of impairment in colleagues, and what steps to take in these scenarios.